Our staff team is one of our greatest assets and includes specialists in languages, music, sport and SEN. The team is dynamic and leads by example; teachers update their skills on a regular basis by attending continuing professional development courses. This results in highly skilled professionals who are fully conversant with current best practice and regulatory requirements. At the same time, they have a sense of fun and an appreciation of the value of nurturing our children's sense of 'awe and wonder' at the world around them.


Lesley Barton
Mrs Lesley Barton

Cathy Scott-Worthington
Mrs Cathy Scott
PA to Headmistress/
Facilities Bursar
Netta Shore
Mrs Netta Shore
School Secretary

Sharon Hartrey
Mrs Sharon Hartrey
School Secretary
Alex Plumb
Miss Alexandra Plumb
Year 6 Teacher

Tom Bryan
Mr Thomas Bryan
Year 5 Teacher

Jo Hunt
Miss Joanna Hunt
Year 4 Teacher

Sarah Luxton
Mrs Sarah Luxton
Year 3 Teacher

Teri Lloyd
Mrs Teri Lloyd
Year 2 Teacher

Lucy Holgate
Mrs Lucy Holgate
Year 2 Teacher

Louise Campbell
Mrs Louise Campbell
Year 1 Teacher and
Louise Treherne
Miss Louisa Treherne
Reception Teacher

Karen Purchase
Mrs Karen Purchase
Reception Teacher

Heather Mountcastle
Mrs Heather Mountcastle
Nursery Teacher

Vicky Townsend
Mrs Vicky Townsend
Head of PE

Ruth Jenkins
Mrs Ruth Jenkins
Teacher of Music
Una McConnell
Mrs Una McConnell
Specific Learning
Difficulties Teacher
Sophie O'Malley
Miss Sophie O'Malley
Lambs Nursery

Catherine Blackburn
Mrs Catherine Blackburn
Teaching Assistant

Sharon Jarosz
Mrs Sharon Jarosz
Teaching Assistant
Cheryl Field
Mrs Cheryl Field
Nursery Assistant
Karen Bowhay
Mrs Karen Bowhay
Lambs Assistant and
Extended Day Care
Jelena Gilks
Mrs Jelena Gilks
Lambs Assistant and
Extended Day Care
Fran Finch
Mrs Fran Finch
School Admin

Libby Clothier
Mrs Libby Clothier
Finance Officer
Natasha Wines
Mrs Natasha Wines
Financial Controller
Gill Page
Mrs Gill Page
Assistant Cook and
Extended Day Care
Liz Carter
Mrs Liz Carter
School Cook

Rated 'Best Independent Prep School in Bristol and the Wider South West Area'

November 2016



Fairfield School

Fairfield Way


Bristol BS48 3PD

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