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An exceptional independent day school and nursery for boys and girls from 2 to 11 years of age. Where no child goes unnoticed

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Pupil Comments

  • You have lots of friends.
  • I enjoy playtime because you get to play with your friends.
  • I like my uniform – it makes me feel happy and proud to be at Fairfield.
  • We do lots of different types of art and I love all of it. 
  • You can make some very good friends and they are very kind here. The teachers always listen to you.
  • The children are kind and helpful to each other at Fairfield.
  • I like playing on the field because you can play lots of games. I love football and the teachers are brilliant.
  • I love the food we have at school – it’s yummy!
  • You can make lots of friends. We learn lots of fun things.
  • I like my school because all the people there are friendly and the lunches are delicious. My teacher is really kind as well.
  • My school helps me understand how you can do things that you think you can’t. I like my school because you are all friends with everyone (even the teachers).
  • I like my school because it produces yummy dinners. I also like my school because of the way the teachers prepare our lessons.
  • My favourite subjects are ICT and Art. I like coming to Fairfield. I like the lunches. I like the after-school clubs.
  • Playtime is great because you play with your friends around the school. Swimming is good because it gives you energy. Pre-school and after-school care are brilliant because they are fun. Fairfield is a fantastic school and the best around the area. Coming to Fairfield is brilliant.
  • I like school because it is really friendly and all the teachers are kind and helpful. All the rules in Fairfield are quite good.
  • I think Fairfield is a good school. It is a kind and friendly school. The teachers are helpful and all in all it is better than any other school I’ve been to.
  • They are always improving the school. We are taught respect and manners. We have friendly people and teachers and we celebrate our founders.
  • Fairfield is a kind school as they teach us to be friendly. Everyone gives people respect. They celebrate your achievements.
  • The teachers make lessons fun.
  • You make really good friends.
  • I like all the teachers. They are really friendly.
  • I like playtime and doing sums in maths.

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“We wish that we had started our son with you earlier.”



Fairfield School

Fairfield Way


Bristol BS48 3PD

Fairfield is accredited by the Independent Schools Council, affiliated to the Independent Schools Association and the Association of PNEU Schools.

Fairfield PNEU School (Backwell) Limited is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No. 814684. The company is established for charitable purposes. Charity No. 310215.

Classroom, class and staff photographs reproduced with permission from Dave Pratt Photography; Whole school and individual staff photographs reproduced with permission from Colorfoto Ltd.

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