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Welcome to Fairfield

Welcome to Fairfield

At the heart of our school lies the belief that every child is a unique individual; no child goes unnoticed. 

In creating a secure, happy and vibrant environment within our small school, where everyone knows everyone, we aim to nurture and develop each child's potential and talents, so that when he or she leaves us at the end of Year 6, they do so with high levels of self-confidence, self-esteem and a set of values which will equip them to deal with future challenges. 

Our values are based on mutual respect, tolerance and consideration towards others and within our community each child finds his or her unique place. Whilst we achieve outstanding examination results, enabling our pupils to move on with confidence at the age of 11 to the senior school of their choice, we believe education is about far more than examinations; our children learn to become part of a community, they develop confidence, their own opinions and an understanding of the modern world. 

We also provide a broad programme of extra-curricular activities and have close links with the local community.

Our website can only provide a snapshot of Fairfield; I hope that it will encourage you to visit us to see our school at work and play and experience the atmosphere that makes our community so special. I look forward to welcoming you. 


Mrs Lesley Barton